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Get amazing braids right here in Dartford

There is so much scope for braiding hair, and so many different styles out there. If you know what you want, or even have the braids already, we are happy to help you, and create the look you are aiming for. Then again, you may be looking at having long hair for the first time. We will help put you at ease, and teach you how to care for your braids, and can help you select the styles and types of braids that work best with your features. Either way, you are always welcome at Karina Beauty Hub!

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Our braiding services

Medium knotless braids: £75 - 3 hours

Small knotless braid: £100 - 5 hours

Medium knotless braids: £85 - 4 hours

Big knotless braids: £65 - 2 hours

Medium box braids: £70 - 3 hours

Small box braids: £90 - 5hours

Big box braids £60 - 2 hours

Medium box braids: £80 - 3 hours

Medium Fulani braids: £75 - 3 hours

Small Fulani braids: £90 - 4 hours

Feed in stitch braids 4 to 5: £40 - 1 hour

Feed in stitch braid 6 to 8: £60 - 2 hours

Small Twist: £90 - 4 hours

All braids with extra length require extra payment

Waist length: £20 extra

Bum length: £30 extra

Hip length: £40 extra

Adding goddess pieces to your hair cost 15extra

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