Your locs your way!

  • Medium butterfly locs: £100 - 4 hours
  • Big butterfly locs: £85 - 3 hours
  • Small butterfly locs: £110 - 5 hours
  • Medium faux locs: £100 - 4 hours
  • Small faux locs: £110 -5 hours
  • Big faux locs: £85 - 3 hours

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Loc amazing!

Butterfly locs are a distressed loc style with ‘wings' trailing down each loc to give the butterfly effect. It's a very intricate style that needs a lot of time and patience, but once complete it looks incredible and will amazing anyone who has never seen you wearing them before.

We also offer faux locs, and locs in a range of different styles to suit your look and preferences. We use high quality synthetic hair to create a beautifully woven look. We install your faux locks by braiding your hair, and then wrapping the additional hair around this, creating a striking and exciting look. Many people call faux locs ‘commitment-free dreads,' but they still need a lot of care, and we will show you how to look after them, and which products work best.

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